SCANROC facade system for apartment and prefab houses


Sophisticated Scandinavian technology for comfortable and healthy living

Don’t be closed in your house, clad with thermal insulation material that cannot cope with humidity, just because they say this is normal for a reconstruction.

No, it is not. Apart from heat savings, SCANROC facade system guarantees optimum interior environment for living. All year round, it controls temperature in the building and it also can draw off humidity from the apartment through the facade, thus preventing occurrence of moulds.

The extraordinary comfort is owed to the ventilated facade allowing vertical air flow. At the same time, it prevents interior heat from flowing outwards and heating interior air from outside in summer. Also, it features absolute resistance to weather and very long guaranteed service life

SCANROC facade system for any weather

Highly functional technical design guarantees the best utilisation properties in any weather, throughout the year.

Extremely durable facade cladding stones made of concrete or ceramics provide for beautiful appearance of the house. The facade requires virtually no maintenance throughout its service life, owing to colour and strength stability of the facade stones.


SCANROC ventilated facade system can also be used for reconstruction of your house. Call or write us: We will be happy to tell and show you more